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Trainee Fees

Information about fees, ad hoc fees, payments due dates, cancellation dates and policies etc.

Application fee:     N$ 50.00
Registration fee:    N$750.00
Tuition fee:            N$1 900.00

Upon registration, trainees are expected to pay a deposit of N$1 700.00.


Registration fee:                                   N$750.00
CBET per theory/general subject fee:  N$100.00
CBET for all practical’s (once off) fee:  N$250.00


NTTC per theory/general subject:       N$60.00
NTTC for all practical’s (once off):     N$250.00

Financial Support

There a various companies, agencies and organisations you can apply to for financial support, but the main sponsor is the Namibian Financial Assistant Fund (NSFAF). Once you have been admitted and have registered at NVTC, you can immediately apply for NSFAF Loan.

Qualification Criteria for Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF)

  • Applicants should be Namibian citizens.
  • Full-time Applicants studying at accredited and recognized Vocational Training Centers (Institutions registered under Vocational Education and Training Act 1 of 2008).
  • All applications must be completed online and should be done before the deadline.
  • Beneficiaries should be graded and obtain a minimum requirements of 23 points in six (6) subjects in grade 10, with E in Mathematics, English and Physical Science ( for Technical trades).
  • Beneficiaries should have obtained admission at an approved Vocational Training Centre in Namibia.
  • Beneficiaries should be studying high or medium priority fields of study as determined from time to time to qualify for funding.
  • No students should be considered for NSFAF funding, if already benefited for the Trade of the same level.
  • Under no any circumstances should a student who failed a previous academic year and decided to apply for another programme, be awarded for funding, if such a case is identified, the award would be nullified.

Things to Note

NSFAF covers: Tuition fees and Pocket Money
There are two Application Cycles: January Intake and July Intake
You can apply for NSFAF through: Online on their website https://www.nsfaf.na/
Address: HEAD OFFICE 746 Eros Road | Tel : +264 61 434 6000 P O Box 23053 Windhoek, Namibia Toll-Free: 0800-267323 studentsrelations@nsfaf.na recovery@nsfaf.na

Study Cancellation

  1. Registration Fee: Non-refundable
  2. Tuition Fees

Cancellation period


Within ten (10) official working days after registration


After eleven (11) to twenty five (25) official working days after registration


After twenty six 26 official working days after registration


Assessment Fees

CBET:    N$450.00
NTTC:    N$490.00

Re-Assessment Fees

CBET:                                             N$450.00
NTTC per theory/general subject:  N$60.00
NTTC for all practical’s (once off):  N$250.00


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vocational Education and Training?
Vocational Education and Training (VET) is that part of tertiary education and training which provides training in industry-specific and job related technical skill areas. It covers a large number of careers and industries like industrial trades, office work, retail, hospitality and technology. Individuals can also be trained in part qualifications or ‘skills sets’.
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