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Trainee Counselling & Social Guide

What is counselling?

Trainee support department is responsible for trainee wellbeing and social welfare, hence a centre counsellor, Mrs Eufemia Iipinge will provide professional counselling services to all trainees in need. Mrs Iipinge might also refer a counselling case to a senior counsellor Mrs Mathilda Shipapo when the need arises.

Counselling is a process, based on a relationship that is built on empathy, acceptance and trust. During counselling, the counsellor focuses on the client’s feelings, thoughts and actions.
Who is a counsellor ?
What are the aims of counselling ?

More on Trainee Counselling & Social Support

Internal Counselling Procedures.

There are two ways on how counselling service is going to be provided in the Centre.

  1. Through Trainers referral as they are the trainees’ day to day contacts OR
  2. Through self-evaluated need for counselling (Individual need) OR
  3. Through a concerned trainee or friend over a trainee/friend whom he/she thinks need assistance.
Who & When to Counsel ?
  • When Trainers identify a certain trainee who needs counselling, he/she is expected to talk to the counsellor verbally or written and inform the counsellor about the situation before the counsellor trainee consultation.
  • Please take note that a trainee should provide a consent of being referred to the counsellor on a provided consent form.
  • A trainer should also speak to the trainee to seek consent if he/she can be referred to the counsellor.
  • Individual trainees can also see the counsellor anytime when the need arise.
  • A counsellor will set up time for the counselling session with the trainee following the counselling procedures.
  • Depending on discussions, the counsellor can set up time for a follow up or another counselling session with the trainee.
  • The counsellor is also at liberty depending on the matter to refer or propose a referral to a senior counsellor (Head of Trainee support) to take up the matter.
  • Depending on the case senior counsellor can still do further referral. to the professional social workers or psychologist. Other referral avenues are Ministry of Gender Equality and Child welfare, Ministry of youth or Ministry of health and social services.
  • After each counselling session, a short report is written and filed in a confidential and safe place for records keeping and future reference purposes.
NB: All information discussed through counselling session is confidential and it is not shared with anyone, unless a consent referral is obtained.
Counselling hours/time ?
Confidentiality is compromised when ?
Which Areas Counselling can be given ?
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