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Recreation and student life

Sports & Recreation and student life

Nakayale VTC offers you many options to get together with fellow trainees to play sports and go on adventures. Sports and recreation helps forge long-lasting, supportive bonds as well as boosts emotional and physical well-being for students. We fully subscribe to the view that regular sporting and exercise builds a health body and mind. In view of this NVTC offers the various sports codes of which facilities (sports fields) are available on our campus.

  • Soccer (Male & female)
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
For those with interest and talent in music you can also become a member of the NVTC choir. We also have a society of the Student Christian Movement (SCM) which trainees can join on a voluntary basis. The centre has a significant number of accolades earned throughout the years in various sports codes.

Trainee Representative Council (TRC)

Nakayale VTC trainees annually elect a Trainee Representative Council, a trainee leadership body which represents the interests of trainees in order to enhance proper functioning of the centre and promote democratic participation of trainees by serving as a mouth piece for the trainee population. The TRC serves as the link between the trainee population and the NVTC Management. The TRC is represented on the NVTC advisory committee by the President.

Residence and Resource Centre Information
The wish of the centre is to see to it that registered trainees are accommodated in an environment that is conducive for learning and that promotes trainee life through participation in the various trainee support services/activities.

Due to lack of hostel facility at NVTC, the centre is unable to completely fulfil this vision. I order to provide equitable access to accommodation for trainees, NVTC have issued an Invitation for Bids to Construct the Hostel At Nakayale VTC.

Please also note that NVTC has we have Nakayale VTC Guesthouse situated at our centre, that's 2 KM before Outapi town from Oshakati on your right or 2 KM from Outapi-Oshakati Main Road left, or Tel: +264 65 250066 for more details and pricing.
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NVTC Alumni

NVTC Alumni is a voluntary programme that aims to further lifelong partnership between the Cenntre and members of the programme to promote the Centre's mission and enhance relationships between past, present and future trainees. As of this moment, NVTC do not have an Alumni programme for former trainees.
To get up to date with current information regarding Alumni Programme, you may contact us at:

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